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Kabbalah and the tree of life

The Tree of Life is a diagrammatic representation which is arranged in 3 columns or pillars, derives from Christian and mysterious sources and was not known to the earlier Jewish tradition. Kabbalah tree of life visually or conceptuallyrepresents as a series of divine releases of God’s creation itself ex-nihilo, the nature of revealed divinity, the human soul and the spiritual path of ascent by man.

Jewish mysticism believes the tree of life shows how the universe came into being through 10 Sephirot or spiritual principles which are found in the Medieval Kabbalah Texts such as the Zohar kabbalah center. It depicts all that which is really happening and your awakening through the series of spheres from bottom to top which is listed as below:

  • Keter (Crown): The Absolute power of divine will. Your awakening here is the deepest or highest level. Free to accept the Will of God.
  • Chokhmah (Wisdom): Wisdom to perfectly guide you and your life.
  • Binah (Understanding): Helps you realize that every experience is an opportunity to awaken in the deeper understanding of how the reality works and how to co-operate with it.
  • Chesed (Mercy): It reveals that Universe can always treat you with kindness, compassion, freedom, abundance and generosity.
  • Gevurah (Severity): It imposes restraint or limitation. Losses and constraints are necessary for your progressive liberation and ultimate fulfilment.
  • Tiferet(Beauty): Life always leads you to a higher level of total absolute beauty.
  • Netzach (Victory): All that ever happens in life is to lead you to the ultimate level of victory.
  • Hod (Glory): God is always there to lead you to realize your divine, sacred, glorious nature or true honor.
  • Yesod (Foundation): Providing perfect support for all that is good for you all the time.
  • Malkuth (Kingdom): It is the first stage of spiritual liberation. It says that all that happens or appears is your level of consciousness.

So all that happens in universe is with the acceptance of God and authority is given to the human beings to rule yourselves and your lives.